Moon on water (Piano) by Pilpil Music

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A full moon on a night sea:

On a night so clear, with moon up high,
A sight to behold, meets the eye,
For on the sea, the moon’s so bright,
Its reflection, casts a heavenly light.

The waves they dance, in the moon’s glow,
A gentle rhythm, that ebbs and flows,
The sea so still, it’s like a dream,
A moment pure, that’s like a gleam.

The moon above, it’s like a guide,
A beacon shining, that can’t be denied,
It casts a spell, on all who see,
A sight so pure, that’s sure to be.

The light it shimmers, on every crest,
A dance of shadows, that never rest,
It paints a picture, that’s hard to forget,
A moment pure, that’s like a duet.

So let us bask, in the moon’s light,
Let its reflection, fill our sight,
For in this beauty, of sea and moon,
We find a moment, that’s like a boon.

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