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A few rays of sunlight move dancing through the trees across the forest.

Sunbeams dance, through the canopy tall,
A golden light, that touches all,
It weaves and bobs, in a wondrous dance,
A sight to behold, that can entrance.

Through the leaves, the rays they peek,
A brilliant sight, that’s oh so unique,
They sway and shift, with every breeze,
A living thing, that’s sure to please.

The light it filters, through the green,
A heavenly sight, that’s like a dream,
It warms the skin, and soothes the soul,
A moment pure, that makes us whole.

The shadows shift, with every sway,
A dance of light, that’s here to stay,
It paints the world, in shades of gold,
A sight so pure, that can’t be told.

So let us bask, in this golden light,
Let the sunbeams, fill our sight,
For in this dance, of light and trees,
We find the beauty, that’s sure to please.

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