March of the penguins (Piano) by Pilpil Music

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You can listen to the song for free in this web page or you can buy it:

An acoustic description of a penguin march

Waddling in line, with a march so slow,
A row of penguins, on ice and snow,
With feet so big, and wings so small,
They walk with purpose, one and all.

Their steps are awkward, their gait so slow,
But they press on, with every toe,
Through blizzards fierce, and icy cold,
They march on bravely, with hearts so bold.

Their huddle close, for warmth and care,
A family bound, that’s always there,
They move as one, with every step,
A sight so pure, that’s hard to forget.

The ice beneath, it crunches and cracks,
But still they press on, with every tack,
Their feathers fluff, against the cold,
A sight so pure, that’s worth its weight in gold.

So let us marvel, at this march so slow,
At these penguins, in ice and snow,
For in their gait, so awkward and fine,
We find a beauty, that’s simply divine.

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