Bilbao memories (piano) by Pilpil Music

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Some memories of the Bilbao I used to know.

In the streets of Bilbao, my hometown,
Childhood memories come alive and abound,
The Nervión river flows with grace and might,
And my heart fills with joy and delight.

The grand architecture of every corner,
The Bilbao City Hall shining with its own song,
The cobbled streets beneath my feet,
Hold secrets and dreams, memories so sweet.

The scent of txakoli and the taste of pintxo,
Laughter in the plazas, bustling with go,
Afternoons in Parque de Doña Casilda,
Where my childhood was pure wonder, undefiled.

The beaches of Bizkaia, with their rough waves,
Where I built sandcastles with courage, unafraid,
Rainy days that enveloped me with their cloak,
And in every raindrop, found beauty bespoke.

Bilbao, beloved city, you were my home,
And though life takes me far and I roam,
I’ll always carry your essence in my soul,
Bilbao, in my memories, you shine with a bright and whole.

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