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A flowing and continuous rhythm under a broken melody

In the quest for motion, we seek to find,
A way to move, that’s not confined,
To break free from the bonds, of stillness and rest,
To journey forward, in an endless quest.

But as we strive, towards this goal,
We’re met with truth, that takes its toll,
For motion can’t exist, without a force,
And energy spent, will run its course.

The laws of nature, they dictate so,
That motion must end, when force is low,
That entropy reigns, in this world we know,
And time moves forward, with every flow.

So even as we yearn, for movement eternal,
We’re faced with limits, that are infernal,
A truth that’s hard, to come to grips,
That motion stops, and time never slips.

But in this pause, that life provides,
There’s beauty found, in every tide,
In moments still, and moments sweet,
That make life full, and oh so neat.

So let us embrace, the stillness we find,
And cherish the moments, that are one of a kind,
For in this balance, of motion and rest,
We find the joy, that life does bless.

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