• I am a passionate musician from Bilbao, a self-taught artist with a lifelong love of music. From a very young age, I have been deeply interested in the influence of music on the listener’s character, in cinema and in the transmission of sensations. Drawing from a wide range of musical styles and experiences, I constantly strive to find new sounds and textures to bring ideas to life in fresh and innovative ways. My music speaks to the human experience, reflecting joys, struggles and emotions that we all share. Through experimentation in my small home laboratory I try to go beyond the usual experiences, creating music that moves and creates a “parenthesis” in the daily rhythm of life. Evocative titles, such as “About a crazy dog” and “Green train to Gorliz”, capture personal experiences and serve as a guide through the emotional terrain I have meticulously crafted.
  • I am currently working on a new album (“Snapshots of life”) that evokes memories of places, people and situations that I have experienced and have left a mark on my personality.
  • Identifying numbers: ISNI code: 000 0005 1277 4211 – IPI code: 1161425682 – IPN code: 11382883

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