• As musician, I have evolved through almost every musical style. At the moment I like to compose neoclassical music for small chamber ensembles, but I also make incursions into other styles such as jazz, blues, folk, latino… Perhaps the most characteristic feature of my music is its nostalgic and quirky harmony. I am inspired by different musical styles and textures and am continually looking for new sounds or moods to adapt my ideas to new environments.

  • In several stages of my life I have felt admiration for very different musicians. In more or less chronological order: Beatles, Pink Floyd, Stevie Wonder, Donald Fagen, John Mclaughlin, Al Jarreau, George Gershwin, Miles Davis, Prokofiev, Debussy, Philip Glass, Stephen Sondheim, Joe Isaishi, Ennio Morricone and others that I have surely forgotten. The unstoppable need to imitate our “heroes”, has caused a ripening in my perception of music, leaving an imprint on my artistic personality that has transformed me into what I am today.

  • As a result, I like to define my music thus: “Neoclassical music for stressed managers

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