PIANO AND CELLO JUNCTION (8th album) by Pilpil Music

A compact and interwoven duo of piano and cello develop 9 musical concepts: a morning of uncertain outcome, the loneliness between wilderness, time and matter intertwined to show an unending progression, three different personalities under the same genetic line, the reluctant beginning of a consciousness, a quiet place for meditation away from the sunlight, about the liquid fluidity of a changing environment, about the soothing caress on the face of sunlight and wind, about the meaning of Planck’s constant.

ABOUT THIS ALBUM: This album gathers several personal experiences during the summer of 2000, in a coastal village in the Basque Country: A visit to a cathedral, picking blackberries in the forest during the month of September, leaving important things behind, a lonely sheep on the top of a hill, a magnificent view of the sea from a cliff, a hot starry night….

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