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A walk between stone and flower. Coloration of perfumed community in awakened spring:

In the heart of the city, where concrete reigns,
Lies a patch of land, where life sustains,
A garden shared by many, a wondrous sight,
Where earth and people come alive with delight.

Rows of raised beds, filled with soil so rich,
Burst with colors, from every seed that’s sowed and pitch,
From tomatoes red, to peppers green,
All thriving, in this haven, so serene.

Neighbors gather, to till and weed,
Working together, with every seed,
Sharing tools and tales, as they go,
A community of growers, that continue to grow.

With every passing day, the garden blooms,
A place where anyone can find their room,
In a world so vast, and often too fast,
This garden offers peace, that forever lasts.

So let’s celebrate, this communal space,
Where all are welcome, to partake and embrace,
The beauty of nature, and the power of care,
In a garden of hope, where all can share.

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