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A rosebud nestled in the morning dew,
A precious gem, of nature’s hue,
A beauty rare, that captures the eye,
A moment frozen, that can’t deny.

The petals soft, like velvet they gleam,
In shades of pink, like a sweet dream,
Each one unfolding, with care and grace,
Revealing a secret, in this special place.

The drops of dew, that cling so tight,
A precious gift, of morning’s light,
Like diamonds they sparkle, in the sun’s first rays,
A moment in time, that forever stays.

The rosebud stands, in all its glory,
A symbol of love, that tells a story,
Of nature’s art, that knows no bounds,
Of beauty eternal, that always astounds.

So let us cherish, this moment in time,
This rosebud with drops, so sublime,
A fleeting sight, that we can’t forget,
A beauty rare, that lingers yet.

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