Balloon ride (piano, clarinet, cello) by Pilpil Music

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As we rose into the sky in our hot air balloon, the crisp sea breeze hit my face and filled my lungs with pure, salty air. The vast expanse of blue ocean stretched out before us, and we could see the coastline stretching far into the distance. The sun beat down on our skin, warm and soothing, as we soared above the choppy waves.
The winds were strong, but our expert pilot skillfully navigated the balloon, giving us a panoramic view of the stunning coastline. We could see the rugged cliffs and sandy beaches, with tiny figures of people enjoying the last days of summer.
As we drifted higher, the views became even more breathtaking. The ocean below us appeared to change colors from deep blue to green and turquoise, and the occasional whitecaps added to the drama. The shoreline stretched endlessly into the distance, and we could see the hazy outline of distant islands on the horizon.

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