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About a mixture of nostalgia and hope

In the fading light, of a summer’s day,
A feeling stirs, in a heart that sways,
A mix of nostalgia, and hope so bright,
That fills the soul, with a wistful delight.

Memories flood, of days long gone,
Of sun-kissed skin, and laughter on the lawn,
Of carefree moments, that once were real,
Of love and loss, that time can’t heal.

But even in this melancholy hour,
A glimmer of hope, has a subtle power,
To lift the spirit, and soothe the heart,
To guide the way, to a brand new start.

The sun may set, on a day that’s passed,
But a new dawn comes, with every last,
Of every breath, and every beat,
A chance to live, and a chance to greet.

So let us embrace, this mix of two,
The nostalgia of old, and hope so true,
For in this blend, of light and dark,
We find the strength, to make our mark.

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