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I remembered a sea of joy and dance as a counterpoint to an ocean of darkness and death.

Out in the ocean, where the waves crash,
Lies a world so vast, where life is harsh,
The creatures that thrive, in the depths so deep,
Know the struggle, to survive and keep.

The mighty whales, that roam the sea,
Battling storms, and hunters so free,
Their songs that echo, throughout the night,
A symphony of life, in a world so right.

The schools of fish, that swim so fast,
Darting and weaving, to evade the cast,
Of hungry sharks, that lurk below,
The balance of life, in constant flow.

But there are those, that suffer the most,
Victims of greed, and a world engrossed,
In exploitation, and destruction of life,
Leaving them broken, with no chance to thrive.

The turtles that choke, on plastic debris,
The dolphins that drown, in fishing nets you see,
The coral that withers, from warming seas,
A world in peril, from human disease.

But still, in this ocean, so vast and wide,
There’s hope and resilience, that can’t be denied,
The creatures that live, with grace and might,
Will fight to survive, and thrive in the light.

So let us remember, the cruel fate they face,
And take action, to protect their place,
In this world, so vast and deep,
Where life abounds, and love should keep.

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