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About an ideal place to play and roam in summer, a place full of strange life forms.

Beside the trees and the meadow green,
Lies a tranquil pond, a joyous scene,
Where children frolic, and laughter rings,
And dragonflies flit on gossamer wings.

The water glistens in the sun’s warm light,
A mirror reflecting the sky so bright,
Where clouds drift by on a summer breeze,
And tall grass rustles among the trees.

In the cool, clear water, the children splash,
Chasing each other with a playful dash,
With every giggle and every grin,
Their carefree spirit takes flight within.

Oh, how the joy of youth can fill the air,
With innocence and wonder beyond compare,
As they run and play and freely roam,
In this peaceful place they call their home.

So let them be, let them play,
For childhood memories are made this way,
In this quiet corner, so still and serene,
Where the world is as pure as the pond, so green.

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