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A twist of the wrist, a turn of the hand,
A burst of color, that’s oh so grand,
A kaleidoscope, of shapes and light,
A world of wonder, that’s a joyous sight.

The colors swirl, in endless dance,
Shifting and changing, with every chance,
A rainbow of hues, that never cease,
A stunning display, that brings such peace.

The patterns shift, with every turn,
Creating new shapes, that forever burn,
In the mind’s eye, and in the heart,
A work of art, that’s pure and smart.

The shapes that form, are endless too,
Geometric wonders, that delight anew,
A symphony of form, that’s pure delight,
A world so beautiful, that’s always right.

So let us marvel, at this simple toy,
This caleidoscope, that brings such joy,
For in its shifting, ever-changing view,
We see the beauty, that’s always true.

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