About a crazy dog (piano) by Pilpil Music

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In yonder field, where shadows roam,
Stood a hound, tethered to his home.
His bark, once bold, now mourns the night,
A soul confined, bereft of light.

With fur of dusk and eyes so wild,
He stood, a sentinel, since just a child.
Bound to the gate, with chains that bind,
His spirit faded, left behind.

Oft, tales were told of his noble might,
Of starlit chases beneath the moon’s soft light.
But now he paces, a restless ghost,
A tragic figure, cursed by his post.

His howls, a lament, echo through the vale,
A sorrowful song, beyond the pale.
For in his madness, he finds no peace,
A soul condemned, to never release.

Oh, noble beast, in chains you lie,
A silent witness to the earth and sky.
May your tale be sung, in ballads grand,
Of the crazy dog who guards the land.

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