Matter magnifier (piano & cello) by Pilpil Music

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In the hallowed chambers of uncertainty,
Where particles pirouette in veiled ballet,
The quantum whispers weave their cryptic tale,
And reason falters, lost in cosmic fray.

The atom’s heart, a pulsing paradox,
Uncertainty’s embrace, a lover’s kiss,
Heisenberg’s veil conceals the truth,
As quarks pirouette in quantum bliss.

Ethereal strings vibrate in hidden dimensions,
Their harmonies echoing through the void,
And black holes hum a cosmic requiem,
While time itself unravels, unalloyed.

The observer stands upon the precipice,
Gazing into the abyss of Planck’s domain,
Where particles flit like fireflies,
And causality waltzes with disdain.

Oh, Lord of entropy, unravel this riddle,
Where particles and waves entwine,
And the fabric of existence frays,
In the grand ballroom of spacetime.

Let us raise our goblets to uncertainty,
To the dance of quanta, both wild and free,
For in this tangled waltz of particles,
Lies the poetry of the incomprehensible sea.

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