Cantabrian Sea (strings) by Pilpil Music

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Upon the rugged cliffs it roars,
Its waves a tempest’s wild embrace.
Both beauty and ferocity it stores,
In its salted depths, a timeless space.

The Cantabrian Sea, ancient and vast,
Whispers secrets to the wind and shore.
Its azure hues, a spell they cast,
Drawing hearts to wander evermore.

Yet beware, for storms brew fierce and free,
Their wrath unyielding, their rage untamed.
Seafarers know its treacherous decree,
As they navigate its tempests unnamed.

Oh, Cantabrian Sea, your dichotomy unfolds,
In sun-kissed mornings and moonlit nights.
Your beauty and harshness, a tale retold,
Forever etched in seafarers’ souls’ flights.

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