Itsas Bide mood (Band) by Pilpil Music

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A walk to the sea between downhill streets in a village on the Cantabrian Sea.

Downhill streets to the sea I tread,
In a village by the Cantabrian Sea spread,
The wind at my back, the salt in my nose,
And the sound of the waves as they ebbed and flowed.

The houses nestled on either side,
With their colorful facades, they couldn’t hide,
Their history and stories of days gone by,
And the memories of those who had passed them by.

The alleys narrow, the stones uneven,
But I walked with ease, my heart full and even,
For the sea, the sea was calling my name,
And I knew I’d reach it, just the same.

The trees bent with the breeze, as if in prayer,
The seagulls soared, free without a care,
The sand on the beach, soft as a sigh,
And the foam on the waves, it reached so high.

I walked along the shore, the water at my feet,
And the sound of the waves, so pure and sweet,
My soul was lifted, my heart felt light,
In that moment, everything felt just right.

The sun began to set, the sky ablaze,
With colors that filled me with wonder and praise,
And as I turned back, uphill streets to climb,
I knew I’d return, time after time.

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