The cow that wanted to learn writing by Pilpil Music

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In “The Cow Who Wanted to Learn Writing,” Pilpil Music presents the enchanting story of an insightful cow who longs for more than just grazing in the countryside. Follow the adventures of this ambitious cow as she embarks on a quest to master the art of storytelling, with the goal of writing her own novels among the green pastures. Join us on a journey filled with fantasy, imagination and the enduring spirit of the creative quest.

A cow who longed to write,
to share her stories bright,
with a world that didn’t know
the tales within her soul.

She’d watch the humans scribble,
their pens and pencils dribble,
words and phrases forming
to tell of love and storming.

But all she did was moo,
and chew and stare and chew,
longing for the gift
of language to uplift.

She dreamed of tales of grass,
of clover fields and past,
of cattle drives and farms,
of sunshine and of storms.

But the words wouldn’t come,
and she felt so very dumb,
compared to human minds
that left her so far behind.

Yet still she dreamed and hoped,
and quietly she coped,
with the lack of words and skill,
still finding beauty in the still.

For though she couldn’t write,
her life was filled with light,
and those who knew her knew
her heart was pure and true.

And in her simple way,
she brought joy every day,
a lesson we can learn
from the cow who longed to yearn.

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