Ledesma (orchestra) by Pilpil Music

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In the heart of Salamanca, where Tormes gently flows,
Ledesma stands, a town with stories that time bestows.
Granite mounds and plains in natural display,
A landscape kissed by history in the northern sun’s sway.

A haven of heritage, where past and present twine,
Led by muela’s embrace, at seven-eighty meters’ line.
A hub of services, a comarca’s central grace,
Tierra de Ledesma, where memories find their space.

From Cuadrilleros to Zorita, each hamlet’s tale,
Woven into Ledesma’s rich, historic trail.
Where whispers of Muchachos and Nóguez linger,
In this land, where time dances on the river.

Strategic in its stance, with Salamanca nearby,
And Zamora’s allure, under the vast Castilian sky.
A castro’s potential, a Roman legacy to claim,
Bletis to Ledesma, a city with an ancient name.

Fernando II’s gift in eleven-sixty-one,
Led to a rebirth, a new era begun.
Through centuries it thrived, a political might,
An economic hub, a beacon in the night.

Declared historic-artistic, its charm embraced,
By the Puente Mocho, where history’s traced.
Santa Elena and Santa María stand tall,
Guardians of Ledesma, over centuries’ thrall.

Cultural tapestry woven in Corpus’s delight,
Calendas, Águedas, a festive flight.
Quintos, Semana Santa, traditions in bloom,
In Ledesma’s embrace, where echoes find room.

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