Green train to Gorliz by Pilpil Music

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This old electric train used to travel between Bilbao and Gorliz, a small town on the Cantabrian coast of Spain.

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Gorliz train

“Green Train to Gorliz” is a nostalgic melody that retraces the journey of an old electric train that once, until the 1990s, traversed the scenic route from Bilbao to the coastal village of Gorliz, spanning approximately 30 kilometers. The composition captures the essence of this historic locomotive, painting a musical picture of its rhythmic chug along the tracks.

As the song unfolds, it weaves a tale of the picturesque destination – Gorliz – with its captivating bay and sandy, sun-kissed beach sheltered from the north winds. The music mirrors the train’s gradual acceleration, mimicking the anticipation of passengers as they embarked on this charming voyage.

Harmonies in the piece evoke the changing landscapes outside the train windows, from the urban bustle of Bilbao to the serene beauty of Gorliz. The refrain perhaps echoes the rhythmic clatter of the train over tracks, becoming a signature motif in the composition.

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