God’s loom (piano, cello, clarinet) by Pilpil Music

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In the cosmic atelier, where secrets unfold,
God, the weaver, in robes of pure gold.
A loom of enchantment, a mystical art,
He wove the cosmos, each beat of His heart.

Threads of stardust, with celestial grace,
Wove through His fingers, the fabric of space.
A magical tapestry, in colors untold,
Creation’s epic tale, in His hands, it’s scrolled.

The shuttle of time, with a silvery sheen,
Danced through the cosmos, a cosmic machine.
Mountains and oceans, like patterns unfurled,
Crafted by hands that shaped the world.

Galaxies twirled in a celestial dance,
Each star a sequin, in His cosmic expanse.
Planets, like jewels, in orbits did swing,
A symphony of creation, each note on a string.

In the loom’s gentle hum, the universe sighed,
As God, the weaver, in majesty presided.
With warp and with weft, He spun life’s sweet song,
A masterpiece crafted, both vivid and strong.

The warp of the heavens, the weft of the sea,
God, the artist, in divine tapestry.
In the cosmic loom, where destinies are spun,
Creation’s ballet, by the hands of the One.

Oh, the magical telar where wonders are spun,
God, the eternal, His work is not done.
In threads of tomorrow, His design takes flight,
A masterpiece woven in the fabric of night.

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