FLOODED PIANO (5th album) by Pilpil Music

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In “Flooded Piano,” Pilpil Music invites us to close our eyes and open our ears to the beauty of neoclassical piano music. It’s an album that floods the senses, leaving an indelible impression long after the final note has been played.

Nine piano ideas: a beautiful and peaceful place with clear waters, an old sea legend, a longed-for travelling companion, an uncertain climate in a mountain retreat, a lazy Italian blues, an irrepressible flare, an old love of impossible oblivion, a pesky and gluttonous squirrel, a paradigm shift.

You can listen to the album for free in this web page or you can buy tracks & sheet scores for 9€, click on: https://payhip.com/b/m0aVM

Emerald Lake, a sight to behold,
A jewel in the mountains, a sight so bold.
A place of beauty, a place of peace,
Where nature’s wonders never cease.
In the silence, I hear the lake’s soft sighs,
As if it’s singing to the skies.
A moment frozen in time,
A memory that will forever shine.
In a cavern deep and dark,
Where the salty sea does hark,
Lives a maiden, part woman, part fish,
Whose voice can make the bravest man swish.
Her hair is like seaweed green,
Her eyes the bluest you’ve ever seen,
Her voice, a siren song so sweet,
That sailors fall right at her feet.
This old suitcase, my trusty friend,
Has traveled with me without end.
Through lands both near and far,
It’s always been my guiding star.
It’s held my clothes, my books, my dreams,
And all the things that in between.
It’s been a constant source of comfort,
My shelter from life’s raging storm.
A morning of uncertain weather,
The sky a mix of sun and cloud,
The winds of change blow altogether,
And make the elements quite loud.
One moment bright and sunny skies,
The next a downpour starts to fall,
A storm that quickly passes by,
And clears the way for sunbeams’ crawl.
From Trastevere to the Spanish Steps
The blues are in every corner kept
The city’s heartbeat, the pulse it’s kept
A rhythm that never has slept
So I let the blues guide my way
Through the streets of Rome each day
A song that will forever stay
In the heart of this ancient city’s sway
A bright spark of light,
A brief burst of flame,
A firework in flight,
A bengal’s claim to fame.
In a minute of grandeur,
She dazzles and shines,
With colors so pure,
Her brilliance entwines.
A chance encounter on a rainy November day,
Brings back memories of love that didn’t stay.
Her smile still warms my heart with its gentle glow,
As we talk about the past, letting our emotions flow.
The rain keeps pouring down, but we don’t seem to mind,
Lost in each other’s presence, leaving everything else behind.
The streets are empty, except for us two,
A moment frozen in time, so pure and true.
Red squirrel, red squirrel
On a cherry tree high,
Nibbling on hazelnuts
As the day passes by.
Your bushy tail twitches
With every nut you crack,
Your nimble paws working
To keep you on track.
A crisis grips our western lands,
A turmoil born of shifting sands,
As values fade and cultures clash,
We’re left adrift in a moral quash.
The old ways seem to be undone,
And fear grips everyone,
As we search for a guiding light,
To lead us through the endless night.

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