Backpack (piano & cello) by Pilpil Music

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This backpack’s been my trusty friend
For thirty years, it’s been my trend
To take it with me everywhere
Through all the countries, cities, and squares

It’s been with me through thick and thin
From mountain peaks to city din
It’s carried all my hopes and dreams
And all the people I’ve met it seems

Each patch and badge upon its face
Tells stories of a time and place
Of faces old and faces new
Of memories that will always be true

It’s held my clothes and all my gear
My camera, books, and souvenirs
It’s been my home away from home
Through all the places I have roamed

And now it’s worn and weathered too
But still it holds a part of you
My dear old friend, my trusty pack
You’ve been with me through thick and thin, and back.

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