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In twilight’s hush, when summer’s warmth recedes, And leaves, like golden memories, fall from trees, The zephyrs weave their secrets through the air, A whispered tale of seasons in their flare.

I. The Fading Sun

Beneath the amber sky, the sun descends, Its fiery gaze now softened, shadows blend. The meadows sigh, their blooms in sweet decay, As dusk embraces night—a wistful ballet.

II. The Murmuring Woods

Within the woods, where ancient oaks stand tall, Their gnarled limbs cradle secrets, one and all. They murmur tales of love and loss, entwined, As autumn’s breath weaves verses through the pines.

III. The River’s Lament

Beside the river’s edge, where reeds sway low, The water hums a dirge—a gentle flow. It carries echoes of departed days, Of sun-kissed laughter and forgotten ways.

IV. The Moon’s Veiled Gaze

And when the moon ascends, a silver veil, It bathes the world in melancholy’s trail. Each star a tear, each constellation weeps, As autumn whispers secrets that it keeps.

V. The Song Unheard

Yet hidden in the rustling leaves and dew, A melody emerges, faint and true. “Autumn Whispers,” it sings—a fragile note, A requiem for summer, love’s bittersweet anecdote.

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