Above the cathedral (strings) by Pilpil Music

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Introducing “Above the Cathedral” by Pilpil Music – a captivating musical narrative inspired by the composer’s profound experiences while exploring the interior of Burgos cathedral. Through haunting melodies and evocative harmonies, this song transports listeners to the majestic halls and sacred spaces of this architectural marvel.

Experience the awe-inspiring beauty and grandeur of “Above the Cathedral” – a musical odyssey that captures the essence of reverence, wonder, and spiritual enlightenment found within the hallowed walls of a Gothic masterpiece.

Above the cathedral, where shadows dance,
A symphony of whispers, a sacred trance.
Gothic arches reach for the sky,
Echoes of centuries, soaring high.

In the quiet embrace of ancient stone,
I find solace in the unknown.
Stained glass windows, a kaleidoscope of light,
A timeless journey, through day and night.

Above the cathedral, where dreams take flight,
I lose myself in the depths of night.
A spiritual pilgrimage, where souls converge,
In the heart of Burgos, I find my urge.

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