• Introducing a passionate musician from Bilbao, a self-taught artist with a lifelong love of music. From a very young age, he has been deeply interested in the influence of music in film and how it contributes to the message conveyed by movies. Drawing from a wide range of musical styles and experiences, this musician is constantly searching for new sounds and textures to bring his ideas to life in fresh and innovative ways.
  • His music speaks to the human experience, reflecting the joys, struggles and emotions we all share. With a deep dedication to his craft and a love of experimentation, this musician is always pushing the boundaries of what is possible, creating music that moves and makes you think.
  • Pilpil Music is more than a creator of melodies; he is a narrator of the intangible. His compositions are more than music: they are portals to the depths of human experience. Each piece unfolds like a chapter, inviting us to journey through the tapestry of life, love and longing. Evocative titles, such as “About a crazy dog” and “Green train to Gorliz”, capture personal experiences and serve as a guide through the emotional terrain he has meticulously crafted.
  • Whether you like jazz, rock, classical or otherwise, this musician’s music will make you think. So if you’re looking for a new, fresh and exciting sound, look no further than this unusual artist from Basque Country.
  • ISNI code: 000 0005 1277 4211
  • IPI code: 1161425682
  • IPN code: 11382883

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