Orange storm by Pilpil Music

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As the storm clouds gathered above the ocean, the sky turned a fiery shade of orange. The waves grew larger and more violent, crashing against the side of the ship with a deafening roar. Lightning bolts flashed across the sky, illuminating the dark clouds with a brilliant white light. Thunder echoed across the horizon, shaking the ship to its core.

Lightning strikes, thunder roars,
As waves crash against the shores.
The sky turns orange, a fiery hue,
As the storm rages on, strong and true.

The winds howl, the rain pours,
As the tempest lashes and scores.
The sea churns, wild and free,
As the lightning dances across the sea.

The sound of thunder, so loud and clear,
Echoes through the storm, far and near.
The waves rise up, like mountains tall,
As the storm rages on, unstoppable.

The colors in the sky, so vibrant and bright,
A spectacle of nature, a mesmerizing sight.
The storm at sea, a force to behold,
A display of power, that never grows old.

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