About knots and other gadgets (piano & cello) by Pilpil Music

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In a world entwined with ropes so tight,
Where knots bring strength, an ally in sight,
A sailor’s dance upon the seas,
With knots that bind, the wind to seize.

The clove hitch whispers tales of old,
Securely fastened, brave and bold,
It joins the ropes, a steadfast grip,
In windswept journeys, it will not slip.
The figure-eight, a graceful knot,
A loop of beauty, so well taught,
It binds the ends with elegant grace,
A sailor’s trust, a sturdy embrace.

Oh, the bowline, a loop of pride,
With a firm grip, it holds the tide,
A loop to save a sailor’s fall,
A lifeline strong, it answers the call.

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